Faux Leather Earrings

Hi today I am going to share with you a quick and easy project to use with your Cricut machine, Faux Leather earrings. They are very simple and quick to make and they make fantastic gifts. You can make this on the explore or maker machines as you only need the fine point blade.

You will see links in this project which I will get commission for if you make a purchase using them. This commission helps me keep making projects to share with you all. The ideas and thoughts of the products I share are my own.

Here is a look at the final product of today’s project.

If you want to recreate these at home you will need the following items

I prefer to use Cricut Faux Leather for this as it is light weight and is comfortable for those wearing them. If you do not want to use two different Faux Leathers you can do the top layer with Iron on for a similar look.

The file Wood Earrings SVG comes with 48 designs and a commercial license. The commercial license means that you are able to sell anything that you make using the SVGs.

To begin this project you will need to upload the design of your choice into Design Space and add the design onto your canvas. Ensure that you have two on your canvas as one will become your back layer. Select one of the images and select the Contour button from the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You want to hide all contours except the top circle which you need to put the jump ring through.

To cut the earrings you will need to place the Faux Leather face down on your Cricut Standard grip mat. For this particular project you do not need to mirror your image as this item is symmetrical. However I still do choose to mirror more for me to be in the habit so that I do not forget for a project that requires it.

From the project mat screen choose to make 2 project copies (to make a pair) or as many as you need. Ensure you have the fine point blade inserted and for the explores turn your dial to custom and then choose Faux Leather (Paper Thin). For Makers choose Faux leather (Paper Thin) from the materials screen. Once they are cut you then add then thread the jump ring through the hole and then attach to the earring.

I hope you like this project and let me know if you gave this project a try.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Paper crafting




All occasion card

Succulent Texture Paste Card

Hello everyone today I have a card I created with texture past and reinker. It is very easy to make.

If you want to make this you will need:

Making The Stencil

I firstly began by designing the stencil in design space. I chose the succulent image from the Flower Market Cartridge. I placed one image on my canvas and removed the silhouette backing. I then selected the contour button and hid the outside line of the image. By doing this it stops the whole flower being cut and only the inside petals.

I duplicated the image so I had enough images to form an image I thought would be great for a stencil. I then selected all the succulent images and selected weld. This makes them all one image. I then inserted an square and modified the shape until it was a rectangle and would cover the succulents in a way I wanted. I then selected both the succulent and square image and selected slice. I then deleted the parts I did not want to keep.

If you want to keep the image on a larger sheet then you can cut it as it is. I wanted to keep a smaller piece so I added a larger rectangle and attached the images. If you do not want to do this yourself feel free to use my file in design space Here.

I the used the cricut to cut out the design.

Making the card

On a mat on my table I used a small amount of the texture paste. I added two drops of the reinker to the paste and mixed it through. The more reinker you add to the paste the darker the colour. I then placed the stencil over the card. I then used the palette knife to spread the paste evenly over the stencil. Once it is all covered I lifted the stencil off and let it dry.

I used the thanks from the October SOTM set to stamp thanks on a scrap piece of white cardstock and edged it with the Mint Shimmer brush. Once the paste was dry I then stuck the ribbon down with Liquid glass and used 3D foam tape to stick the word thanks down. I then added a ribbon bow and placed a glitter gem in the centre.

This is a real cute fun technique to try and I hope you all have a try.

Please feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts on this project before you leave.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project

Happy Paper Crafting


Succulent texture card

Cricut · Embossing · Off the Page

Floral Floating Tea Cup

Hi Everyone,

The project I have to share today is the floral floating tea cup. I had seen few of these online and wanted to give it a try as I love making flowers and I love tea.

If you would like to make it you will need the following items:

If you do not have these collections you can use any flower or butterfly that you like. If you have these you can open the project here.

Once you have everything cut all flowers (10 of each colour) and the butterflies. I found it easy to put the pieces of flowers in piles by size. There are 7 pieces per flower with two being the same size. You can add more dimension to your flowers if you add ink to them.

Place the flower upside down on the foam mat and use the embossing tool to emboss the card stock. Start from the outside of each petal and push down as you drag the tool to the centre of the flower. The petal will curve up. Once all petals are done flip it over and create a circle in the centre and push down to get the shape you want. When you have each layer embossed for one flower glue each piece together using liquid glass. I find using liquid glass ensure the layers won’t move when you play with the petals for styling.

Add the yellow dot or a clear gem to the centre of the flower. If you use the clear gem use  a shinhan touch marker to add colour to it. Use a shimmer brush to add sparkle to the flower.

Follow the above steps for all flowers until all flowers have been assembled.

Using the pliers bend the fork so the handle sits against the inside of the teacup and the bottom of the fork sits against the saucer. Place some hot glue in the tea cup and place the handle of the fork against it. Then add glue over the top and side of the fork. Hold in place until glue is set. Be careful with this step so that you do not burn your fingers. If holding upside-down the glue can drip onto your finger. The heat from the glue can also travel through the metal of the fork and burn if holding too close. please be careful.

Ensuring that the tea cup is sitting near the middle of the saucer for weight distribution, add glue under where the fork touches the saucer. Push the fork into this glue and then cover with more glue. Hold in place until glue is set and it is stabilised.

To begin adding flowers or other decorations to this piece use hot glue to glue them in place starting at the bottom of the plate and working your way up into the cup. Don’t forget to also add some to the back of the fork or make leaves/grass to hide the fork.

Once all the flowers are in place bend the wings of the butterflies so they have dimension. Add a bit of liquid glass to the bodies and glue in place. Add the large butterfly to the top or handle of the tea cup using either liquid glass or hot glue whichever works for you.

I had a lot of fun making this project and look forward to seeing any you make

Happy paper crafting everyone



Floating Teacup